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Bioinformatics working papers 2020

BIOINF 20-008: PTEN regulates adipose progenitor growth, differentiation and cellular aging

Anna S. Kirstein, Stephanie Kehr, Michele Nebe, Judith Lorenz, Melanie Penke, Peter F. Stadler, Wieland Kiess, Antje Garten
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BIOINF 20-006: Supervised and Unsupervised Classification of lncRNA Subtypes

Rituparno Sen, Jörg Fallmann, Maria Emília M. T. Walter, Peter F. Stadler
[ Abstract ]

BIOINF 20-004: Defining Autocatalysis in Chemical Reaction Networks

Jakob L. Andersen, Christoph Flamm, Daniel Merkle, Peter F. Stadler
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BIOINF 20-003: Exact-$2$-Relation Graphs

Yangjing Long, Peter F. Stadler
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BIOINF 20-002: Proteomics of Bacterial Communities by Direct Mapping of Peptide-to-Spectrum-Matches

John Anders, Hannes Petruschke, Nico Jehmlich, Martin von Bergen, Peter F Stadler

BIOINF 20-001: Ligand-Dependent tRNA Processing by a Rationally Designed RNase P Riboswitch

Anna Ender, Maja Etzel, Stefan Hammer, Sven Findeiß, Peter Stadler and Mario Mörl
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