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Please find below working papers of our group. Currently, we list 52 working papers. In the list are only not published papers present. If you look for a preprint of an already published paper you must look in the "Published papers" section. If you have problems accessing electronic information, please let us know:

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Bioinformatics working papers 2016

BIOINF 16-015: Automated detection of ncRNAs in the draft genome sequence of a basal chordate: The Carpet Sea Squirt Didemnum vexillum

Cristian A Velandia-Huerto, Adriaan A Gittenberger, Federico D Brown, Peter F Stadler, Clara I Bermúdez-Santana
  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 16-014: Genome-wide features of introns are evolutionary decoupled among themselves and from genome size throughout Eukarya

Lozada-Chávez, Irma and Stadler, Peter F and Prohaska, Sonja J
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