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Bioinformatics working papers 2010

BIOINF 10-040: An Age Dependent Branching Model for Macroevolution

Stephanie Keller-Schmidt, Murat Tugrul, Victor M. Eguiluz, Emilio Hernandez-Garcia, Konstantin Klemm
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]

BIOINF 10-037: Intra-genic Exon Duplications in the Human Transcriptome

Anke Busch, Peter F. Stadler
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 10-033: Evolution of vault RNAs

Axel Mosig, Peter F Stadler
[ Abstract ]  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 10-027: A Local Prime Factor Decomposition Algorithm

Marc Hellmuth
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]  [ Software ]

BIOINF 10-026: Genome Size and DNA Methzlation Rate are positively correlated in Metazoans

Marcus Lechner, Manja Marz, Christian Ihling, Andrea Sinz, Peter F. Stadler, Veiko Krauss
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 10-023: Homology Search for Small Structured ncRNAs.

Marz, Manja and Stadler, Peter F.

BIOINF 10-017: A Sequence-to-Function Map for Ribozyme-catalyzed Metabolisms

Alexander Ullrich and Christoph Flamm
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]

BIOINF 10-016: In silico Evolution of Early Metabolism

Alexander Ullrich, Christoph Flamm, Markus Rohrschneider and Peter F. Stadler
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]

BIOINF 10-013: Genome Annotation without Genes

Jan Engelhardt, Toralf Kirsten, Peter F. Stadler, Sonja J. Prohaska
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