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Bioinformatics supplemental material 2005

BIOINF 05-023: Prediction of Structured Non-Coding RNAs in the Genomes of the Nematodes <i>Caenorhabditis elegans</i> and <i>Caenorhabditis briggsae</i>

Kristin Missal, Xiaopeng Zhu, Dominic Rose, Wei Deng, Geir Skogerbø, Runsheng Chen, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-021: The Expansion of the Metazoan MicroRNA Repertoire

Jana Hertel, Manuela Lindemeyer, Kristin Missal, Claudia Fried, Andrea Tanzer, Christoph Flamm, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler, and The Students of Bioinformatics Computer Labs 2004 and 2005: <small>Sten Heinze, Alexander ''muppet'' Donath, Sven Findeiß, Stephanie Keller, Kevin Peter, Julian Jöris, Jakob Mühmel, Marco Dienelt, Lisa aus Jena, Maiko Lohet, Holger Schmidtchen, Nick Jagiella, Andrej Aderhold, Paul-Robert Kästerer, Thomas Skodawessely (in Leipzig), Martina Hödl, Bernhard Wurzinger, Camille Stephan-Otto Attolini, Ulrich Omasits, Sebastian Krüttner, Regina Anzengruber, Daniela Lenek, Gregor Neumayr, Reinhard Wohlfart (in Vienna).</small>
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-008: Non-coding RNAs in <i>Ciona intestinalis</i>

Kristin Missal, Dominic Rose, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-007: Evolution of the Vertebrate Parahox Clusters

Sonja J. Prohaska, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-005: Mapping of conserved RNA secondary structures predicts thousands of functional noncoding RNAs in the human genome

Stefan Washietl, Ivo L. Hofacker, Melanie Lukasser, Alexander Hüttenhofer, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-004: Multiple Sequence Alignments of Partially Coding Nucleic Acid Sequences

Roman R. Stocsits, Ivo L. Hofacker, Claudia Fried, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-003: Fast and reliable prediction of noncoding RNAs

Stefan Washietl, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 05-001: Evolutionary Patterns of Non-Coding RNAs

A.F. Bompfünewerer, Ch. Flamm, C. Fried, G. Fritzsch, I.L. Hofacker, J. Lehmann, K. Missal, A. Mosig, B. Müller, S.J. Prohaska, B.M.R. Stadler, P.F. Stadler, A. Tanzer, S. Washietl, Ch. Witwer
[ Supplemental Material ]