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Please find below working papers of our group. Currently, we list 47 working papers. In the list are only not published papers present. If you look for a preprint of an already published paper you must look in the "Published papers" section. If you have problems accessing electronic information, please let us know:

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Bioinformatics working papers 2018

BIOINF 18-059: Unbiased Map of Transcription Termination Sites in Haloferax volcanii

Sarah J. Berkemer, Lisa-Katharina Maier, Fabian Amman, Stephan H.Bernhart, Julia Wörtz, Pascal Märkle, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Peter F. Stadler and Anita Marchfelder
  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 18-058: Automatic Curation of Large Comparative Animal MicroRNA Data Sets

Ali Yazbeck, Peter F. Stadler, Kifah Tout, Jörg Fallmann
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BIOINF 18-054: Differential Gene Expression Analysis of time-course data

Jana Breitfeld, Stephanie Kehr, Peter Stadler, Peter Kovacs
  [ Supplement ]

BIOINF 18-050: SSS-test: A Novel Test for Detecting Selection on the Secondary Structures of non-coding RNAs

Maria Beatriz Walter Costa, Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Peter F Stadler, Katja Nowick

BIOINF 18-048: TERribly Difficult: Searching for Telomerase RNAs in Saccharomycetes

Maria Waldl et al

BIOINF 18-047: Ryūtō: A Framework for Network-Flow based Transcriptome Reconstruction of RNA-seq Data

Gatter, Thomas and Stadler, Peter F.
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BIOINF 18-014: Does a Phylogeny of Topics Recapitulate the History of Ideas and Institutions?

Retzlaff, Nancy and Niekler, Andreas and Heyer, Gerhard and Kleine, Christoph and Stadler, Peter F.
[ Abstract ]