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BIOINF 15-046: U6 snRNA Intron Insertion Occurred Multiple Times During Fungi Evolution

Sebastian Canzler, Jana Hertel, Peter F. Stadler

Taxonomic Tree

A taxonomic classification of all 147 fungal organisms that were used in our publication can be found here: Taxonomic Tree


Alignments of precursor and mature snRNA sequences in clustal format and stockholm format can be found here:
(only one U6 gene per species, for visiblity reasons)
Lineage specific fasta files, alignments, and gene structures of all U6 sequence that have been retrieved during our analysis can be accessed in the following table:

Kingdom Phylum Subphylum Class Precursor Fasta Precursor Alignment Precursor gene structure
Fungi Microsporidia fasta aln|stk ps|png
Fungi incertae sedis Mucoromycotina fasta aln|stk ps|png
Chytridiomycota fasta aln|stk ps|png
Blastocladiomycota fasta aln|stk ps|png
Basidiomycota fasta aln|stk ps|png
Ascomycota Taphrinomycotina fasta aln|stk ps|png
Saccharomycotina fasta aln|stk ps|png
Pezizomycotina Dothideomycetes fasta aln|stk ps|png
Eurotiomycetes fasta aln|stk ps|png
Leotiomycetes fasta aln|stk ps|png
Sordariomycetes fasta aln|stk ps|png

Cross-validation with published RNA-seq data