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ExceS-A: an exon-centric split aligner

Franziska Reinhardt, Peter F. Stadler


PREPRINT 22-001:
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Status: Published

Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics


Spliced alignments are a key step in the construction of high-quality homology-based annotations of protein sequences. The exon/intron structure, which is computed as part of spliced alignment procedures, often conveys important information for the distinguishing paralogous members of gene families. Here we present an exon-centric pipeline for spliced alignment that is intended in particular for applications that involve exon-by-exon comparisons of coding sequences. We show that the simple, blat-based approach has advantages over established tools in particular for genes with very large introns and applications to fragmented genome assemblies.


AUTS2; ExonMatchSolver; paralogs; split aligner