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Inferring Phylogenetic Trees from the Knowledge of Rare Evolutionary Events

Hellmuth, Marc and Hernandez-Rosales, Maribel and Long, Yangjing and Stadler, Peter F.


PREPRINT 18-073:
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Status: Published

J. Math. Biol. 76: 1623-1653


Rare events have played an increasing role in molecular phylogenetics as potentially homoplasy-poor characters. In this contribution we analyze the phylogenetic information content from a combinatorial point of view by considering the binary relation on the set of taxa defined by the existence of a single event separating two taxa. We show that the graph-representation of this relation must be a tree. Moreover, we characterize completely the relationship between the tree of such relations and the underlying phylogenetic tree. With directed operations such as tandem-duplication-random-loss events in mind we demonstrate how non-symmetric information constrains the position of the root in the partially reconstructed phylogeny.