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A composite network of conserved and tissue specific gene interactions reveals possible genetic interactions in glioma

Voigt, André and Nowick, Katja and Almaas, Eivind


PREPRINT 18-012:

Status: Published

PLOS Computational Biology 13 (9): 1-34


Author summary With the ever increasing availability of large sets of gene expression data, much effort has been directed towards studying shared expression patterns between different genes. We have developed a general method for studying the variation of gene co-expression between two different conditions, which allows for a more detailed description and classification of interactions than previous methods. Applying our method to compare data from two different parts of the brain (the cortex and the basal ganglia), we find that it identifies genes known to be involved in key brain functions. Our analysis also identifies connections between a variety of genes previously known to be involved in the progression of glioma. Our method can also be applied in studies comparing between healthy and disease states, treatment and controls, among others.