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Deletion analysis of the 3' long terminal repeat sequence of plant retrotransposon Tto1 identifies 125 base pairs as sufficient for first strand transfer

Andrea Tramontano, Alexander Donath, Stefan H. Bernhart, Kristin Reiche, Gudrun Böhmdorfer, Peter F. Stadler, and Andreas Bachmair


PREPRINT 09-029:
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Status: Published

Virology (2011)


Retroviruses and many retrotransposons are flanked by sequence repeats called long terminal repeats (LTRs). These sequences contain a promoter region, which is active in the 5' LTR, and transcription termination signals, which are active in the LTR copy present at the 3' end. In addition, the LTR has an essential role in reverse transcription. A part of the LTR, the redundancy region (R), is present at both ends of viral / element mRNA and serves as the sequence where the emerging first strand of the cDNA changes template, switching from the 5' end of mRNA to the 3' end of Tto1 mRNA. Here we show that, in the primordial retrotransposon Tto1, the promoter and terminator functions of the LTR can be supplied by heterologous sequences, thereby converting the LTR into a significantly shorter sub-terminal repeat. An engineered Tto1 element with 125 instead of the usual 574 base pairs repeated in the 5' and 3' region can still promote strand transfer during cDNA synthesis, defining a minimal R region for this element. Based on this finding, we propose a model for first strand transfer of Tto1.


long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposon, Tto1