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Local algorithms for the prime factorization of strong product graphs

Marc Hellmuth, Wilfried Imrich, Werner Klöckl, Peter F. Stadler


PREPRINT 09-018: [ PDF ]
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Status: Published

Mathematics in Computer Science: DOI 10.1007/s11786-009-0073-y


The practical application of graph prime factorization algorithms is limited in practise by unavoidable noise in the data. A first step towards error-tolerant “approximate” prime factorization, is the development of local approaches that cover the graph by factorizable patches and then use this information to derive global factors. We present here a local, quasi-linear algorithm for the prime factorization of “locally unrefined” graphs with respect to the strong product. To this end we introduce the backbone B(G) for a given graph G and show that the neighborhoods of the backbone vertices provide enough information to determine the global prime factors.


strong product graphs, prime factorization, local covering, backbone