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Evolution of 7SK RNA and Its Protein Partners in Metazoa

Manja Marz*, Alexander Donath*, Nina Verstraete, Van Trung Nguyen, Peter F. Stadler, Olivier Bensaude


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Mol Biol Evol. 2009 Dec;26(12):2821-30.


7SK RNA is a key player in the regulation of polymerase II transcription. 7SK RNA was considered as a highly conserved vertebrate innovation. The discovery of poorly conserved homologs in several insects and lophotrochozoans, however, implies a much earlier evolutionary origin. The mechanism of 7SK function requires interaction with the proteins HEXIM and LARP7. Here, we present a comprehensive computational analysis of these two proteins in metazoa, and we extend the collection of 7SK RNAs by several additional candidates. In particular we describe 7SK homologs in \emph{Caenorhabditis} species. Furthermore, we derive an improved secondary structure model of 7SK RNA, which shows that the structure is quite well-conserved across animal phyla despite the extreme divergence at sequence level.


Hexim, 7SK RNA, LARP7, MePCE, Polymerase III transcription, non-coding RNA, Secondary Structure