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Partition Function and Base Pairing Probabilities for RNA-RNA Interaction Prediction

Fenix W. D. Huang, Jin Qin, Christian M. Reidys, Peter F. Stadler


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Bioinformatics 25:2646-2654 (2009)


The RNA-RNA interaction problems (RIP) deals with the energetically optimal structure of two RNA molecules that bind to each other. The standard model introduced by Alkan <em>et al.</em> (J. Comput. Biol. <b>13</b>: 267-282, 2006) allows secondary structures in both partners as well as additional base-pairs between the two RNAs subjects to certain restrictions that allow a polynomial-time dynamic programming solution. We derive the partition function for RIP based on a notion of "tight structures" as an alternative to the approach of Chitsaz <em>et al.</em> (Bioinformatics, ISMB 2009). This dynamic programming approach is extended here by a full-fledged computation of the base-pairing probabilities. The <i>O(N<sup>6</sup>)</i> time and <i>O(N<sup>4</sup>)</i> space algorithm is implemented in C (available from <tt></tt>) and is efficient enough to investigate for instance the interactions of small bacterial RNAs and their target mRNAs.


RNA-RNA interaction, joint structure, dynamic programming, partition function, base pairing probability, loop, RNA secondary structure.