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tRNAdb 2009: compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes

Frank Jühling, Mario Mörl, Roland K. Hartmann, Mathias Sprinzl, Peter F. Stadler, Joern Pütz


PREPRINT 08-023:
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Status: Published

Nucleic. Acids Res. 37: D159-D162 (2009)


One of the first specialized collections of nucleic acid sequences in life sciences was the ‘compilation of tRNA sequences and sequences of tRNA genes’ (<a href=""></a>). Here, an updated and completely restructured version of this compilation is presented (<a href=""></a>). The new database, tRNAdb, is hosted and maintained in cooperation between the universities of Leipzig, Marburg, and Strasbourg. Reimplemented as a relational database, tRNAdb will be updated periodically and is searchable in a highly flexible and user-friendly way. Currently, it contains more than 12 000 tRNA genes, classified into families according to amino acid specificity. Furthermore, the implementation of the NCBI taxonomy tree facilitates phylogeny-related queries. The database provides various services including graphical representations of tRNA secondary structures, a customizable output of aligned or un-aligned sequences with a variety of individual and combinable search criteria, as well as the construction of consensus sequences for any selected set of tRNAs.


tRNA, secondary structure, alignment, phylogeny, annotation