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Invertebrate 7SK snRNAs

Andreas R. Gruber, Dorota Koper-Emde, Manja Marz, Hakim Tafer, Stephan Bernhart, Gregor Obernosterer, Axel Mosig, Ivo L.Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler, Bernd-Joachim Benecke


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J.Mol.Evol. 66:107-115 (2008)


7SK RNA is a highly abundant noncoding RNA in mammalian cells whose function in transcriptional regulation has only recently been elucidated. Despite its highly conserved sequence throughout vertebrates, all attempts to discover 7SK RNA homologues in invertebrate species have failed so far. Here we report on a combined experimental and computational survey that succeeded in discovering 7SK RNAs in most of the major deuterostome clades and in two protostome phyla: mollusks and annelids. Despite major efforts, no candidates were found in any of the many available ecdysozoan genomes, however. The additional sequence data confirm the evolutionary conservation and hence functional importance of the previously described 3' and 5' stem-loop motifs, and provide evidence for a third, structurally well-conserved domain.