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Tanimoto's Best Barbecue: Discovering Regulatory Modules using Tanimoto Scores

Peter Menzel, Peter F. Stadler, Axel Mosig


PREPRINT 07-016: [ PDF ]

Status: Published

In "German Confernce on Biocomputing (GCB 2007)", C.Falter, A.Schliep, J.Selbig, M.Vingron, D.Walther (eds), Lect.Notes Informatik 115: 68-77 (2007)


We present a combinatorial method for discovering <em>cis</em>-regulatory modules in promoter sequences. Our approach combines ``sliding window&#039;&#039; approaches with a scoring function based on the so-called Tanimoto score. This allows to identify sets of binding sites that tend to occur preferentially in the vicinity of each other in a given set of promoter sequences belonging to co-expressed or orthologous genes. We benchmark our method on a data set derived from muscle-specific genes, demonstrating that our approach is capable of identifying modules that were identified as functional in previous studies.