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PCR Survey of <i>Xenoturbella bocki</i> Hox Genes

Guido Fritzsch, Manja U. Böhme, Mike Thorndyke, Hiroaki Nakano, Olle Israelsson, Thomas Stach, Martin Schlegel, Thomas Hankeln, Thomas Stach, Peter F. Stadler


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JEZ B: Mol. Dev. Evol. 310B: 278-284 (2008)


Xenoturbella bocki has recently been identified as one of the most basal deuterostomes, although an even more basal phylogenetic position as a basal bilaterian cannot be ruled out. Here we report on a PCR survey of the Hox genes of X.bocki. Somewhat surprisingly, we find only four Hox genes, one clear labial/PG1 ortholog, one posterior gene most similar to the PG9/10 genes of Ambulacraria, and two central group genes whose precise assignment to a specific paralog group remains open. We furthermore report on a re-evaluation of the available published evidence of Hox genes in other basal deuterostomes.


Xenoturbella bocki, Hox genes, PCR survey