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RNAs Everywhere: Genome-Wide Annotation of Structured RNAs

Athanasius F. Bompfünewerer, Rolf Backofen, Stephan H. Bernhart, Christoph Flamm, Claudia Fried, Guido Fritzsch, Jörg Hackermüller, Jana Hertel, Ivo L. Hofacker, Kristin Missal, Axel Mosig, Sonja J. Prohaska, Dominic Rose, Peter F. Stadler, Andrea Tanzer, Stefan Washietl, Sebastian Will


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Status: Published

J.Exp.Zool.B: Mol.Dev.Evol, 308B: 1-25 (2007).


Starting with the discovery of microRNAs and the advent of genome-wide transcriptomics, non-protein-coding transcripts have moved from a fringe topic to a central field research in molecular biology. In this contribution we review the state of the art of ``computational RNomics'', i.e., the bioinformatics approaches to genome-wide RNA annotation. Instead of rehashing results from recently published surveys in detail, we focus here on \emph{the} open problem in the field, namely (functional) annotation of the plethora of putative RNAs. A series of exploratory studies are used to provide non-trivial examples for the discussion of some of the difficulties.


Noncoding RNA, RNA Secondary Structure, Genome Annotation