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Replicator Dynamics in Protocells

Peter F. Stadler, Bärbel M. R. Stadler


PREPRINT 05-034: [ PDF ]

Status: Published

In: <em>Protocells</em>, Steen Rasmussen, Mark A. Bedau, Liaohai Chen, David Deamer, David C. Krakauer, Norman H. Packard, Peter F. Stadler (eds), MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2008.


Replicator equations have been studied for three decades as a generic dynamical system modelling replication processes. Here we show how they arise naturally in models of self-replicating polymers and discuss some of their basic properties. We then concentrate on a minimal dynamic model of a protocell by coupling replicating polymers with a growing membrane.


replicator equation, protocell, dynamical systems