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<tt>fragrep</tt>: Efficient Search for Fragmented Patterns in Genomic Sequences

Axel Mosig, Katrin Sameith, Peter F. Stadler


PREPRINT 04-019: [ PDF ]  [ PS ]  [ Software ]

Status: Published

Geno. Prot. Bioinfo. 4: 56-60 (2006).


Many classes of non-coding RNAs (including yRNAs, vaultRNAs, RNAse P and MRP RNA, as well as a novel class recently discovered in Dictyostelium discoideum) can be characterized by a pattern of short but well conserved sequence elements that are separated by poorly conserved regions of sometimes highly variable length. Local alignment algorithms such as blast are therefore ill-suited for the discovery new homologs of such ncRNAs in genomic sequences. The fragrep tool instead implements an efficient algorithm for detecting pattern fragments that occur in a given order. For each pattern fragment a mismatches tolerance and bounds on the length of the intervening sequences can be specified separately.